“Why didn’t Lucho Jara close?”: Paty Maldonado launched an acid criticism for the presentation of Abel and Camilo Zicavo in the Telethon

During the most recent chapter of Las Indomables, Paty Maldonado spoke about the closing of Telethon 2022, criticizing the band Plumas and praising Lucho Jara.

It is worth mentioning that both the national singer and the group of the brothers Abel and Camilo Zicavo were part of the closing of the television show of the solidarity crusade at the National Stadium.

The opinologist then pointed out that she did not understand why Plumas had had such a leading role in the closing and assured that the person in charge should have been Jara.

“A group closed… I gave myself the trouble of calling several kids (…) and I asked them the following: ‘Do you know a band called Plumas?’ ‘No,’ he told me, ‘I don’t know them.’ They closed the show at the National Stadium,” Maldonado began by saying.

“The million dollar question: Why did they close? The issue is suspicious (…) because one of the members is the boyfriend of the government spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo (Abel Zicavo). Strange that a group that in my opinion does not represent many people, many young people, maybe they could have closed with a more famous reggaeton player. I don’t know, why didn’t you close with Lucho Jara?” criticized the Tal Cual panelist.

“The best artist that Chile has”

After this, the former Pleased to meet you He took advantage of the opportunity to praise the interpreter of “Golpe de Suerte”, assuring that he was “an absolutely international artist”. “He is at the height of Chayanne, Ricky Martin…”, he affirmed.

Likewise, the opinologist recalled her time in music and assured that she knew something about the subject.

“Lucho Jara presented a sensational show. Why didn’t he close? It is a show for the outside that he did. It is a criticism that I make in a good way. What relationship is there, why did you close this group? Why didn’t Lucho Jara close? He is the best artist that Chile has at this moment, ”added Maldonado.

Finally, he pointed out that these types of things were “little details” that should be fine-tuned in the show that took place at the National Stadium.