“Why did he have to say it?!”: Neme’s funny reaction after a tourist confessed that he “knows him perfectly” in full Mucho Gusto

This Tuesday morning, Karen Doggenweiler made a dispatch from Puerto Varas, visiting different places in the area in the south of the country.

It was in this context that he passed through several tourist areas, stopping to talk with some tourists in a cafe in the sector.

Karen then spoke with a Spaniard and a Chilean, Guillermo and José “Jota” Manuel, who currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was so that one of them made a confession about José Antonio Neme that caused an amusing reaction from the driver.

While in the studio, Neme commented that “I don’t know if they are friends, they are a couple, I don’t know, but it seems like everything is happening there. There is a very exquisite atmosphere”.

“José is super tasty, the atmosphere here is super tasty. Really, I think it’s spectacular, ”Karen commented, while she told the young people that Neme had spoken to her from the studio.

It was then that the young Chilean revealed that he knew José Antonio from before. “Greetings to José, I know him, I know him, yes,” Jota confessed, causing an immediate reaction from the driver.

“Oh! But why did she have to say it?! Friend, it’s not what you think, César, it’s not what you think. I didn’t want to say it, I didn’t want to say it,” José joked from the studio.

Nice to meet yo

Karen then laughingly commented that “the broom was left in the study”, and asked the young man how he knew Neme. “Not! But Karen! We are talking about Puerto Varas, ”said the driver, but his partner continued with his questions.

“I know him, I studied journalism too, I’m a journalist, so I’m living there and I know him perfectly,” Jota explained. Karen then put the earphone on her so she could hear what Neme was saying from the study.

For her part, Neme added that “from the university, many years, two little students, all of them crazy, some grasshoppers, he left and I basically stayed here.”

The young man then told that he went to live in Germany first and then he went to Denmark, where he currently lives.

Nice to meet yo
Nice to meet yo