Why are Bastion and Torbjorn locked and unplayable in Overwatch 2?

you are wondering why Bastion and Torbjorn are locked and unplayable, or removed entirely in Overwatch 2? Well, aside from the bugs related to characters being shown as locked, Blizzard has had to make a pretty drastic decision due to some nasty issues that have plagued both casual and competitive play in Overwatch 2.

These issues have been widespread throughout the PvP game over the past few days, over the weekend. And, due to the extent of the vulnerabilities, it looks like Blizzard won’t be able to fix it with a quick patch.

So to see why Bastion and Torbjorn are locked in Overwatch 2, unplayable, or removed altogether, read Blizzard’s reasoning below.

Why are Bastion and Torbjorn locked and unplayable in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard has removed Bastion and Torbjorn from the list of playable heroes in Overwatch 2 due to bugs in their ability kits.What confirmed by the official Overwatch Twitter account. Bastion has been completely removed from all game modes and is not even customizable, while Torbjorn is still playable in Quick Play and customizable.

Blizzard hasn’t confirmed how long both heroes will be unavailable in the game’s various modes, but once the publisher has released an update, we’ll be sure to add their statement to this article. This is a somewhat unusual decision as it locks out one of the best DPS heroes in the game and may have shut down your main hero.

But, these failures with his kit were quite substantial as the Bastion’s glitch allows players to fire an unlimited number of their ultimate shots.. Torbjorn, however, was able to use his ultimate twice, which is his most powerful ability. So given how powerful these bugs could be, you can understand why Blizzard decided to just disable characters entirely.

Hopefully we should see these two heroes rejoined in the game sooner rather than later. But while you’re waiting, why not check out our Overwatch 2 tier list to see who you can play as?