Who is Zeka: the DRX midlaner and Worlds 2022 rookie

South Korea is one of the best countries in the world of esports, especially for the number of players with an insane mechanical level that they take from the best academies in their region.

In League of Legends, the South Korean LCK has provided us with absolute talents like fakerThe best in history, Chovy, ShowMaker, Canyon, Deft, viper Or now one of the rookies reveal of the year: Zeka.

The midlaner DRX has been the MVP of the quarterfinals against the current world champion, EDG, and has signed one of the best matches in LoL history with Sylas, his best champion.

The 19 year old young player (born November 28, 2002) has been in DRX since December 2021, a team in which he has not won any title but has qualified for Worlds 2022.

Before signing with DRX, he played for Bilibili Gaming and Vici Gaming in the LPL, although he comes from the KT Rolster academy, a team in which he trained before 2018 and during the 2019 season.

Zeka is a midlaner that stands out and a lot with melee characters like Sylas, Akali, Tryndamere, Galio, Yasuo or Yone, and with Sylas has 5 wins at Worlds 2022 with a KDA of 7.67.

In the quarterfinals against EDG he has only killed Scout 4 times, something that never happens and less so against a veteran MSI champion like him. midlaner of the Chinese team, world champion.

Zeka has a bright future and it will be one of the names to remember within the mid laners Koreans, such as Faker, ShowMaker or Chovy, ranking as one of the best on the planet.