Who is Salt Bae, the star chef who made Messi angry

It is very likely that if Nusret Gökçe is mentioned, nobody knows him. The picture changes radically when he is quoted by his nickname: Salt Bae. There is hardly anyone in the world who does not know the Turkish cook. The reason: he has gone viral wearing his dishes next to several stars. Without going further, Arturo vidal He is one of those who has posed with him in one of his restaurants, strategically located in the best places in the world. In Qatar, he shared with ivan zamorano, among other world soccer legends. His most famous scene is, by now, iconic: with his fingers he throws coarse salt at a piece of meat. Enough for it to go viral on social networks and accumulate thousands of likes. And as for her current account to continue increasing, based on the high prices reflected in her letter.

Salt Bae He is a character known throughout the world, but not necessarily everyone likes him. He is a friend of the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, and this probably explains why he received an accreditation that allowed him to reach the very field of play after Argentina beat France in the definition by penalty kicks and will stay with the World Cup. It is that same privilege that is now in question, as the chef went too far: he took, kissed the trophy and even gave himself the pleasure of “salting” it, with the gesture that has made him known throughout the world. And, again, he garnered long faces, due to his desire for prominence. Messi Y say mary they looked at him ugly and the entity that governs world football could adopt some procedure against him, considering his accredited status. Of course, by defender he will not be left behind.

infantino has spared no praise for Salt Bae. “Soccer unites the world and Nusret unites the world too”, has declared the helmsman of world football based perhaps on what parameter to reach that conviction. Now, on the other hand, the leader could have to give explanations, if someone dares to ask him for them. There are objective elements to request them. In fact, contact with the trophy is restricted and regulated. “As one of the world’s most recognizable sporting symbols and a priceless icon, the original FIFA World Cup Trophy can only be played and held by a very select group of peoplewhat includes former FIFA World Cup winners and heads of state”, states an official provision of the entity based in Zurich. Salt Bae does not meet any of these conditions, although it is also true that in the trans-Andean celebration there were several who agreed to the cup without appearing in the categories mentioned.

The concrete thing is that in Argentina they did not like their presence on the field of the Lusail Stadium at all. Dressed in a gray suit and his classic sunglasses, Salt Bae walked around the field with the freedom of someone who has permission for everything.. To complete her performance, she approached Messi, but the PSG star eluded him with the same ease with which he usually scatters rivals. He didn’t put on a very good face either. Of course, he managed to take a picture with La Pulga. The expression on the face of the trans-Andean reflects discomfort.

Something similar happened with Di María: In another arrest of daring, the Turk struck the cup with one of his rings, producing the unmistakable sound of metal clashing.s. Fideo looked obviously taken aback.

Social networks collected those uncomfortable moments and the viralization transforms them, now, into a matter of discussion. Even at the official level.