Who is Gabriel Prieto? Renowned actor goes through a complex state of health

One of the names that has sounded recently in the national media is that of Gabriel PrietoGiven the the actor has caused concern about his health.

Over the weekend it was revealed that The Chilean interpreter was admitted to the ICU when he was seriously ill due to a multisystemic failure.

The complex diagnosis for the artist is added to a Covid-19 infection that afflicts youwhich was aggravated for your diagnosis of diabetes.

For the faithful followers of the television series, the name of Gabriel Prieto is known for several television works, where his recent work in Until I find you, current Mega TV series. We invite you to learn more about the actor below.

Gabriel Prieto is a notable Chilean television series and theater actor.. The 61-year-old interpreter was trained at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, where he also worked as a teacher.

Within his career is one of the founders of the company Theater Apartwho has been giving life to the stage for 30 years and where he works with his close ones, also actors Elena Muñoz, Magdalena Max-Neef and Rodrigo Bastidas.

Regarding work on television, the interpreter had his first roles in teleseries in the eighties with productions of Canal 13 What The puppets (1984), the prisoner of midnight (1985) and Matilda green fingers (1988).

Over the years, Gabriel Prieto was in productions such as crazy skin (nineteen ninety six), witches (2005), Lady and Workman (2012), mommy tuft (2013), I give you life (2016) and 100 days to fall in love (2019).

Meanwhile, the Chilean interpreter was part of several television series such as uncle’s tale (2003), Crazy for You (2004), End time: real time (2004). It was also Uncle Mario in the nanny (2005) by Mega, Karim in Huaiquiman and Toulouse (2005) on Channel 13 and Ramón Barros Luco on Balmaceda, the look of a patriot of the saga Heroes (2007) of the same signal.

Indeed, had several appearances in unfaithful Y What we women keep silent.

Meanwhile, the film work of Gabriel Prieto has titles such as Red point (nineteen ninety six), lokas (2008), A crazy marriage in quarantine (2021) and in-laws (2022).

Currently, the actor appears on the screens of Mega in Until I find youwhere he plays the role of Anselmo, father of the protagonist Lautaro, a role played by Daniel Alcaíno.