“Who has it in their heads…?”: Sergio Rojas’ acid criticism after a tense cross between Savka Pollak and Mauricio Israel in Follow me and I follow you

The chapter of this Tuesday of Follow me and I follow you gave a lot to talk about the tense crossing between Savka Pollak and Mauritius Israel.

The cheerleader was invited to the new TV+ program to talk about the alimony that her ex-partner owed her. On her panel and standing next to her was the sports commentator, who was in the eye of the hurricane for the same issue.

During the conversation, Savka and Mauricio had a strong encounter, which ended with Israel leaving the live studio. “A man who abandoned his daughter cannot have much of an opinion on this issue,” the cheerleader launched at the journalist, unleashing a tense exchange between the two.

Criticism of Sergio Rojas

The controversy did not go unnoticed and Sergio Rojas, a former panelist for beats meharshly criticized the directors of the program for the decision to invite Savka and Mauricio at the same time.

Through his social networks, the celebrity journalist launched his acid darts. “Hey, when you think that nothing could be worse, the people who are in charge of the new TV+ program outdo themselves,” Rojas commented at the outset.

“Who has it in their head to invite Mauricio Israel to talk about paternity, to talk about alimony!? In other words, what does the human being who is directing that have in his head? “The communicator criticized then.

After this, he assured that “clearly, badly, it is obvious. In other words, really, that the most founded person in Chile for being a bad father is there talking next to Savka Pollak about alimony…”.

For this reason, the journalist highlighted the actions of the presenter, commenting that she “was very young to even put up with sitting next to him.”

Finally, Rojas did not miss Israel’s statements on the program, who defended himself against the accusations against him about his relationship with his daughter.

“And why didn’t you leave your daughter behind? I have audios that say otherwise. This Sunday, in which I tell you… ”, warned Rojas.

Check the story of Sergio Rojas below: