which are the most eco-responsible cities in France?

Margaux Fodéré, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
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06:57, March 05, 2023

Using a study conducted by the IFOP, three responsible economy applications (TooGoodToGo, BlaBlaCar and LeBonCoin) ranked the most eco-responsible cities. One particularity stands out, they are all located in the western half of the country and more particularly the Atlantic coast.

Bordeaux, Rennes and Rouen… Here are the three most eco-responsible cities in France. This is the result of a study carried out by the IFOP with three applications of the circular and responsible economy: TooGoodToGo (against waste), BlaBlaCar and Le Bon Coin. Together they bring together nearly 75 million users. Here are the characteristics of these cities. Their common point: they are all located in the western half of the country, more particularly the Atlantic coast.

An associative and ecological breeding ground

And contrary to what one might think, it is neither the age of the population nor the standard of living that most influences eco-responsible practices, but cultural factors, explains Jérôme Fourquet, Opinion director of l ‘Ifop. “These are cities that are marked by a strong associative presence, by an ecological and ecological sensitivity that is quite old now, for example in Brittany. It is undoubtedly a breeding ground that is relatively fertile and conducive to the development of these eco-responsible offers. and which promote collaboration between citizens”, he underlines.

Trust other citizens

In these cities such as Bordeaux, Rouen or Toulouse, citizens also seem to be more focused on others. “Sharing a journey or making a commercial transaction is still the propensity to trust that comes into play for you to embark on this type of exchange”, notes Jérôme Fourquet. Conversely, in the municipalities attached to the North-East quarter of France, the use of these applications seems less widespread.