When will Chilean football return and what will the format of the year 2023 be like?

The 2022 season is already history in the First Division. Colo Colo achieved the 33rd national title and among the striking facts the great campaign of Ñublense drew attention. The Chillanejos will play the group stage of the Copa Libertadores and will be accompanied by Curicó, who will have to start his participation in the preliminary phase of the contest.

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Almost all of the campuses are on vacation. Probably, the massive return to training, facing 2023, will occur during the first weeks of next December.

Still, the ANFP does not pronounce itself around two central aspects of the next season. Surely, the recent elections to renew the presidency and the board of directors of the organization had the leaders in other matters. The exact date of the return of the competition is not clear, nor is the format of the next championship.

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Regarding the first, it has been unofficially mentioned that the next national tournament would start during the second half of January 2023. The start of competitive activity makes sense in view of the early end of the current season, due to the World Cup in Qatar, which will end on December 20.

Around the format of the championship, reports have emerged in order that the ANFP would be opening up to the possibility of a return to the so-called short tournaments. Opening and Closing and with a monarch from each event, along with the Copa Chile, of course. However, the definition of everything essentially depends on the Council of Presidents.

The reissue of this competition format was an issue that was addressed during the campaign for the ANFP elections, in which Pablo Milad was re-elected. Information even emerged in the Valparaíso Region that Everton conditioned its support to the winner in the elections in exchange for the return of short tournaments.

If this does not happen, it is likely that a format similar to that of the season that ended in the First Division will be maintained. On this occasion there was a national champion, two teams that lost the category and, along with the monarch, seven teams qualified for the international cups. One of these, Magellan, entered international competition through the Copa Chile title.