“When they say that Chile has changed… it has changed for the worse”: Marlen Olivari’s stick to Mayor Ripamonti

Marlen Olivari referred to the upcoming Viña del Mar Festival, the first under the administration of Mayor Macarena Ripamonti.

in dialogue with Pleased to meet youthe former musca of Morandé with Company responded to the statements of the mayor, who had recently talked with the morning of Mega.

“Now we were talking with the mayoress and she said that there is going to be a gala. You have to adapt the format a bit to Chile today, because things have happened,” Neme explained to the model.

“What would I change, let’s see? When they say ‘you have to adapt to today’s Chile’. What are they referring to?” Olivari asked.

“Well, that’s what the mayoress told us,” replied the entertainer who traveled to Ciudad Jardín.

“I have seen many changes in Chile. When they say that Chile has changed, it has changed for the worse. Crime… Right? It changed for the worse. I believe that what the people want is the Chile of before,” added Marlen.

“Are you going to greet us on the carpet?”

Then, he asked a series of questions about the role that Ripamonti will play in the summer event: “Is the mayoress going to be seated throughout the show as the previous mayoress did? That was nice, to see the mayoress enjoying the Viñamarino show”.

“Are you going to receive us on the red carpet? Is she going to greet us?” she insisted.