“When did you send me the sexy photo?”: Repenning’s flirtatious joke that upset Priscilla Vargas

José Luis Repenning and Priscilla Vargas continue to throw hints at each other whenever they can during the morning Your day. The new star duo of Channel 13 has drawn attention for the flirtatious jokes that are launched, this after he speculated about an alleged romance between the two.

This Tuesday morning it was first Priscilla who made Repe nervous with a question while they read the tarot cards. But later it was the driver’s turn to make his partner blush.

It all started when they were talking about the rules of coexistence to use Whatsapp, especially in the chats of parents of the school. And they were reading the jokes that some viewers had experienced.

One of the stories they told was that of a parent who made the wrong chat and sent a sensual photo to the school group.

“I remember that once, I was wrong, but he saved me (Repe), we were both in the same WhatsApp group,” Priscilla began by pointing out.

However, the driver took advantage of the occasion to launch a flirty joke. “Oh! When did you send me the sexy photo?” Repe launched, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio.

“Oh! Nothing to see, ”Pri replied, embarrassed by her joke.

Your day

Later, he said that before they were in a “select group of journalists”, when something had happened to one of the people who were in the group and Repe sent him a “very salacious” message.

“And I, instead of writing directly to Repe, I wrote in the group. I put ‘make him a cake now’. I realized, I was wrong, I tried to delete it and delete it for myself, “said Priscilla.

Finally, Repe stepped out with a comment and “saved” his partner for her rude comment in the group.