“What’s up lazy” and “Let it cost”: the applauded car stop from Cristina to Gabriel in La Ley de Baltazar

A tense moment was lived in Balthazar’s Law (Mega) after Gabriel (Simón Pesutic) proposed to Anita (Fernanda Salazar) that they move in together.

Of course, the idea greatly upset Cristina (Francisca Imboden), mother of Feña (Claudio Castellón), Anita’s husband who has suffered much of the collateral damage of the breakup.

“I can not believe it! How is this that he is going to go live with Anita?! ”, She launched Baltazar’s youngest son, considering that there is a small son between her and Feña in between.

“That’s what I want,” he replied. “Anita still does not tell me that she does, but she is thinking about it and, for me, that is a sign.” But, “I feel that it is not my place to talk to you about this,” she launched.

“Why not?! I have a lot to see! Cut it!” she lashed out. “I am not only Feña’s mother: I am also Mati’s grandmother.”

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After that, they went to talk to Rosa (Mabel Farías), Anita’s mother, who also almost turned her back with the idea: “Mijito, you have to be careful, and not cross the limits before time.”

“With respect to you two, forgive me, you don’t have to get involved: the decisions I make with Anita are precisely ours, and nobody has a reason to get involved,” he declared.

“Forgive me!” Cristina launched. “It turns out that the one who is suffering is my son and I don’t want my grandson to suffer too.”

Later, he proceeded to leave when Feña’s mother stopped him: “You are forgetting something very important: Anita is living in my house and working in my store”, “because we built that house as a family, with the work of Feña, with my work and it turns out that you are making him suffer”.

Therefore, she concluded: “If Anita wants to build something, she will have to do it in something else, and work in another warehouse… Is it more or less clear to you?”

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