“What’s up?” and “What a laugh”: the error of “continuity” that viewers of La Ley de Baltazar did not forgive

Gabriel (Simón Pesutic) had had a bad day, after his little daughter, Colomba, did not hide her discontent for his courtship with Anita (Fernanda Salazar).

Given that, in Balthazar’s Law (Mega), the mother had to go look for her offspring in the town of Cochamó, leaving the father alone for the moment, without the child.

After that, Lucas (Francisco Dañobeitía) appeared, the young doctor who came to these southern lands in search of his biological parents and who will soon shake the plot of the TV series.

At that meeting, the two had a friendly dialogue. “Now what are you going to do?” Gabriel asked him, who proceeded to invite him to “have a drink at my house”, where the birthday of the nun Margarita (Amparo Noguera), her aunt, the farm of Baltazar (Francisco Kings).

All that conversation took place under a pouring rain.

Right after, in the scene immediately after, happening in parallel, there is the birthday party in full swing, and strangely, there is no cloud above the sky and therefore the sun is shining, only a few kilometers away.

Of course, that detail the followers did not let him pass by.

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