What’s new from LG are these bizarre screens that stretch, bend and you can even twist them

Silicone material and tiny micro LEDS are the key to achieving this peculiar design.

The sector of screens and visual panels has been one of those that more changes has undergone in recent years. TVs are getting bigger, and along with the increase in inches, the picture quality does not stop increasing.

However, not everything is more sharpness or resolution, also in the design section we have seen very interesting progresslike the already popular ultra widescreen curved screens (where Samsung is today a great reference) or devices with a folding panel. The Galaxy ZFlip it is one of the latest devices to make use of this peculiar design, and its success in the market speaks for itself.

However, despite already having screens that fold, LG has decided give the concept one more twist, and its new prototype has broken all the schemes. The new screens presented by LGDisplay not only do they bend, but they can be twisted and even stretched to increase the number of inches. The main design is that of a 12 inch flex panelbut you can manipulate and stretch it until you get a 14 screen. This makes it the world’s first screen capable of physically “extending”.

LG flexible screens

LG’s new flexible screens can bend, twist and stretch. Image: LGDisplay

And the interesting thing is that still altering the structure of the screen almost at willthe image continues to be offered in Full HD. LG Display is the second largest manufacturer in the world of LCD screens, behind Samsung, so we are talking about one of the most powerful in the industry.

A structure with material used in contact lenses and completely malleable cables

To achieve this particular screen design, LG has had to practically reinvent the formula. For the main structure, the manufacturer has used specialized silicone materials used in the creation of contact lenses. The cable system has been redesigned so that the entire structure can be rolled up, and the panel is illuminated by a series of tiny micro LEDs They measure just 40 micrometers.

Fold Screen LG Display

The screens adapt to any surface and maintain high-quality resolution. Image: LGDisplay

The result is a screen that can adapt to any surface you place it on. The design allows you conform to the curvature of a wall or even wrap around a column without any problem. Its structure must be light so that it can be folded and modified at will, another point in favor of possible mass production of this new format.

LG Display is collaborating with several institutions in Korea to further explore the possibilities of this design, but from what we have seen in the images of this first prototypeIt seems that everything is going from strength to strength. The Korean manufacturer has stated that intends for this technology to reach the general public by 2024so maybe in a couple of years we can literally wrap ourselves in screens.