What will happen to the beers that were banned from Qatar’s stadiums? Budweiser’s decision that excites the fans of the World Cup teams

The ban on the sale of beer inside the stadiums was a blow that Qatar dealt FIFA in the last moment. Last Friday, two days before the start of the competition, The international organization confirmed through an official statement that the sale of alcoholic beverages inside sports venues would be prohibited..

The measure, pressured by the royal family of Qatar, put Budweiser in serious trouble, one of the official sponsors of the event that had reached a multimillion-dollar deal and would be affected due to the low visibility they would have at the event by not being able to market their products.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, this measure could cost FIFA about 40 million euros. Given this, the company’s reaction was immediate. A spokesman for AB Inbev, which owns the brewing company, pointed to these restrictions.

“We look forward to activating our World Cup campaigns to celebrate soccer with our consumers, but some of the planned stadium activations cannot go ahead due to circumstances beyond our control”, they commented.

Of course, in social networks the reaction was hasty. “well this is awkward”, said one of the first comments and that after a few minutes it was deleted. In the end, the same account ended up clarifying what will happen to all the products that cannot be sold inside the stadiums.

New day, new tweet”, they began the message in which they also show a photograph with the batches of beer stored. What will happen to them? Well, the same publication has the answer: the country that won the World Cup. “Who will get them?” they close.