“What was that?!”: the sound that terrified the panel of Your Day in the middle of reading letters

During the morning of this Tuesday, the astrologer María José Urzúa joined the panel of Your day to answer all the questions of Priscilla Vargas and José Luis Repenning.

From the start, the animators wanted to know about the future of the country. “What could the eclipse mean for Chile in the coming months?” Pris asked the seer.

After taking out the cards, Urzúa showed his concern: “This is not so auspicious. Within the next eight weeks someone is leaving home. Someone leaves and leaves. Despite the pain, he has to get out. You have to close a cycle and get out of an emotional place.”

“Perhaps it could be the president’s wife, because here a house appears without a partner. After that comes a period of difficult choice, ”she added.

When the little witch was about to tell more details, a sound interrupted everything.

“Oh, what was that!” exclaimed the cheerleader.

“What a scare!” Complemented the tarot reader.

“Hey, ya poh. Right at this moment … ”, alleged Repe.

“We put all our energy together,” Vargas joked.

continued with prediction

After a few seconds, Urzúa resumed his explanation and clarified that “it is a house that is managed by a Minister of the Interior… it could be. She is a woman in any case”.

“It could be Carolina Tohá,” Priscilla pointed out, before continuing with another question.