What is the BioActive sensor and what are its benefits?

Maintaining good daily habits is essential to achieving a happier, healthier and more productive life. Motivated by this thought, more and more people want to better understand their physical well-being through BioActive sensor.

That’s why Samsung Electronics expanded its wellness capabilities by investing in Research & Development to create the bioactive sensora key technology driving the next era of digital health tracking.

The function is present in the brand’s newest Smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro, and uses a single chip which combines three powerful health sensors: optical heart rate, electrocardiogram and Bioelectric impedance analysis, which performs the body composition test. Together, they help provide comprehensive measurements of the health of its users.

BioActive sensor: More information and care at your fingertips

Among the various information provided by the BioActive Sensor, heart rate, blood oxygenation level and even stress level stand out. Users also gain a deeper understanding of their heart health by monitoring blood pressure and ECG directly from the wrist.

In addition, with the Body Composition feature of the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro Smartwatches, it is possible to have a more holistic view of the body, reviewing, for example, data such as weight, skeletal muscle and basal metabolic rate. This information is essential for people who want to set additional goals in search of better health.

More precision than ever

By having the bottom surface of the watch enlarged, with direct contact with the wrist, increasing efficiency in information collection, the Galaxy Watch5 series tracks health metrics even more accurately than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch4.

With all these resources, people using the new Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Watch5 Pro they open up a host of opportunities to live completely new experiences and achieve your health goals with faster and more efficient information.