What happened to Morgan Freeman in his left hand?: The actor surprised at the opening of Qatar 2022

This Sunday began a new version of the Soccer World Cup, which will take place in Qatar.

This morning, the overture of the important sporting event began with a presentation by singer Jungkook from BTS, among others.

However, the renowned actor Morgan Freeman had a special participation in the opening. The appearance of the interpreter surprised viewers with his unexpected appearance at the stadium.

However, a particular detail that also caught the attention of his followers. The actor appeared with a particular glove on his left hand.

What happened to Morgan Freeman in his hand?

For several years, he has been seen wearing a glove on his left hand, which worried his followers. The detail has nothing to do with fashion, but is due to a serious accident that he suffered.

In 2008, Freeman was driving his car in Mississippi when the car skidded off the road, spinning several times before ending up in a ditch.

The actor suffered several injuries to his left hand, for which he has been paralyzed since then.

Despite the fact that almost 14 years have passed since the accident, Morgan continues to suffer the aftermath of the serious car accident he was involved in.