“What happened to him?!”: This is what the actor who gave life to “Pedro el Escamoso” looks like today

It is one of the most remembered soap operas in Latin America and today in Chile Pedro el Escamoso is very popular for its rerun on Netflix. But what happened to the actor who played the famous “pirulino”?

This is the actor of Argentine origin, Miguel Varoniwho lately has attracted the attention of many followers who only remembered him as that heartthrob with a strong build and who in his time drew sighs in Chilean homes.

Oh Jesus, what happened to him?

In a video posted on Instagram by his wife, Catherine Siachoque, he is seen dancing to Michael Jackson’s Beat It, and there were many comments about his thinness. “Oh Jesus, what happened to him?”, “We are all going to get old, but it soon took its toll on him”, “There is nothing left of the Pirulino”, said some users of social networks.

One user was more empathetic: “I don’t think he wants to be like this, he must be going through a difficult time in his life, I just hope he recovers soon and goes back to being the beautiful man he’s always been,” he said.

As can be seen on his Instagram account, Varoni underwent cosmetic surgery and, according to his wife, faced serious consequences due to a Covid-19 infection, which would have forced changes in his diet.

A Twitter user picked up the video in question, however, he edited it and put the song “El Pirulino” on top of it, by Pedro el Escamoso.