What happened to Byron Castillo and when will FIFA’s resolution on the World Cup be known?

Today the final hearing of the FIFA Appeals Chamber regarding the ‘Byron Castillo case’. The agreed session, which was held in Zurich, began at 9 am and was attended by the ANFP and the FEF, in addition to the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF). The three governing bodies of their countries connected electronically.

There, the sports association chaired by Pablo Milad presented its evidence, through the intervention of the lawyer Eduardo Carlezzo. The objective was to reverse the ruling of the Disciplinary Committee, which ratified the ‘Tri’ in the next World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Meanwhile, the accused soccer player did not appear, as his lawyer, Andrés Holguín, had anticipated: “Byron will not be present at the FIFA hearing on the 15th, either in person or online. It will not be exposed to that theater that the lawyer of the Chilean federation wants to put together.

When will the FIFA resolution on the World Cup be known?

According to the international press, it is most likely that the bug was known in the first days of October. Today’s hearing was decisive, but it was known in advance that the result would not be available today. The deadline, however, is 20 days.

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