What does Colo Colo need to be champion against Coquimbo Unido?

Colo Colo could not be champion this Sunday in the duel against Curicó Unidowhich ended tied 1-1 at the Monumental Stadium, so the search for the “whites” must now be against Coquimbo Unido.

What does the “Cacique” need to be champion against the “Pirates”?

The “Albos” accumulate nine points ahead of the Curican squad, which is precisely sub-leader of the competition, so in the next match you have two chances to win star 33.

The victory and draw are enough for Gustavo Quinteros’ squad to be crowned in the “Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso”, so he has many options to lower the title.

In fact, he only needs one more point in the tournament to win it, so in case of losing to the “aurinegros”, the wait will be postponed one more date until the duel against O’Higginsand if he keeps falling on that occasion, until the final day with Ñublense.

Colo Colo’s panorama is so favorable that even without adding more points in the tournament he can be champion, since a stumble by Curicó is enougheither a win or a draw in some of the remaining games.

The duel between “albos” and “piratas” will be played in two more weeks, with a schedule to be confirmed.