“What do you know about our lives?”: Gala Caldirola’s furious response to criticism for traveling without her daughter

Gala Caldirola got bored with the harsh criticism she received on social networks and responded with everyone who questioned her for not traveling with her daughter, Luz Elif.

It all started when the model shared a postcard stating that she had arrived in Bogotá, Colombia, to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

However, in the comments of his latest publications, according to publimeterSome followers questioned the Spanish since her daughter stayed with her father, Mauricio Isla.

Gala’s harsh response to criticism

“While Isla enjoying with her daughters,” wrote a follower, who received a sharp response from Gala: “Of course! She also has to enjoy with dad ”.

However, things did not stop there and other users came out to criticize the Spanish for allegedly not spending time with her daughter. “I am left wondering if the 50% that I get is accumulating for the girl to be about 15 years old. Because you always see only the father with the girl and she is pure reel, “said a follower.

The comment unleashed the fury of Gala, who did not hesitate to leave a forceful response to the person. “What do you know about our lives to speak with such certainty? In my free time I do what I want. Because I can and I have the right!” Launched the model.

“Use yours to do something more fun than worry about the happiness of others! You will see that it feels good ”, sentenced Gala.

It is worth mentioning that the influencer disabled comments on her posts on her Instagram profile.