what do we know about the rest of the mobilization?

Baptist Morin

After this Tuesday of blockades and demonstrations, the unions have added two new days of national mobilization to their agenda. In addition to blockages in refineries, other actions are already planned, particularly at airports. Objective: to bend the government, while the text is about to return to the National Assembly.

Letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron, blockages, demonstrations. While Tuesday’s mobilization day brought together 3.5 million people according to the CGT, 1.3 million according to the police, the unions intend to be heard. The latter announced two new days of national mobilization: March 11, in other words from this Saturday. And then the day of the vote on the text in the joint joint committee, it will be next Wednesday or Thursday. “We have to continue these mobilizations, that they continue to be ever more numerous. We have reached unparalleled scores. I think it has been decades since there have been so many demonstrations in the street”, welcomes Marylise Léon, deputy general secretary at the CFDT.

“He can only withdraw his reform”

“Clearly the ball is on the government side now”, she adds. This is why the intersyndicale is working on a letter that it will send to Emmanuel Macron in the very next few days. Clearly, the union leaders want to be received by the president to formally ask him to withdraw the reform project.

“We will tell him clearly why, given the social context, given the determination of the French, he can only withdraw his pension reform”, insists Catherine Perret, federal secretary at the CGT. The executive’s response was quick: “The executive’s door has always remained open,” said the Elysée on Tuesday evening. For the time being, no meeting scheduled between the President of the Republic and the union leaders. In the meantime, blockages continue, especially in refineries. The Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, has begun to discuss possible requisitions in the coming days.