What did Casemiro put on Neymar’s nose?: the controversial action that sparked controversy in Brazil’s win over South Korea

In Brazil an image went viral. Between Scratch win over South Korea, Casemiro approached Neymar and placed something on his nose. LThe sequence caused all kinds of suspicions. However, in the country of samba they claim to have the answer. It would be an ointment to facilitate the footballer’s breathing.

The substance can be applied to the chest or nose, to clear the airways. The purpose of its use is for the athlete to quickly come out of drowning and its use is not penalized by the anti-doping rules. Even so, FIFA selected the star of the canarinha to carry out the control after the match of the round of 16.

According to what was reported by him half brazilian UOL, Rapinha would have used the ointment too. From the technical staff of Tite, they justify the decision to give this element to their players. It is even a practice that they bring from the previous planetary appointment.

“An athlete wears out more and takes longer to recover,” said Zé Mario Campeiz, the physical trainer for Brazil, in 2018. On that occasion, he added that it is advisable to apply the ointment when humidity levels are excessively low, as is the case in Qatar, or if they are very high.

Raphinha, Neymar and Casemiro, during the duel between Brazil and South Korea. AP/Martin Meissner

At first it was thought that it could be ammonia. Another substance with a similar effect on the respiratory tract that is not prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Those suspicions were based on the fact that it had already been used by players of the Russian team in the 2018 World Cup.

At that time, the Russians also defended their determination. “It is a simple ammonia with which pieces of cotton are impregnated and then inhaled. This is done by thousands of athletes to cheer themselves up. It has been used for decades,” said the team doctor, Eduard Bezuglov, in the middle of the tournament played in that country.

Paulino Granero, the PF of the squad that was led by Stanislav Cherchésov, also jumped at the pass. “The reviews are nonsense. There is nothing to show that ammonium improves performance. It can even be harmful. If you get hit or have a shock, the worst thing to do is give ammonium. The cotton thing is a tradition that has been established for many years ”, he justified.

Beyond the speculations, in the squad led by Tite they are relaxed. The win over South Korea cleared up the doubts that had remained after the setback against Cameroon and they are already thinking about their next rival: Croatia. The South American team wants to overcome the barrier of the quarterfinals, a round in which they were eliminated in the previous tournament.

After the match against the Asians, the Brazilian strategist highlighted the role, precisely, of Neymar, who returned to the pitch after two games absent. “That part of the technical leadership, when a team looks for the player, he knows that there is the bow and arrow, the differential. He is the leader of the group. Each one has a striking characteristic, it is the center that enhances the others”, he said about the PSG star.

Another who referred to the presence of the man trained in Santos was Zlakto Dalic, coach of Croatia, who only had praise for the figure of his next rival. “Brazil is the favourite, they have confidence, a great atmosphere and top players. Neymar returned. We will study the situation. The options are not fifty percent for each one, but that is not strange for us, ”were his words.