What can happen now that the Earth’s core has stopped

Although humans cannot feel what is happening inside our planet, the core internal of the Landa sphere kilometers deep and that, according to sciencefulfills the function of protecting us from radiation space and allow life to exist on the surface, stopped and could start to turn in the opposite direction.

To better understand, you have to imagine that the Earth has layers, therefore, it has a giant superficial sphere and, at a depth of 5000 km, it has another smaller sphere, which would be the nucleus. Theoretically, if the sphere on the surface is spinning in one direction, the one on the inside is with it, but at a slightly different speed.

What happened, according to him study by Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song, scientists at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics of the University of Beijing, is that the inner sphere (the nucleus) stopped and could start to rotate in the opposite direction to the surface sphere.

However, it does not mean that it has stopped forever.

The study reported that the core can make brief pauses where it stops, then change the way it spins relative to the movement of the Earth’s surface, and that this may be happening right now. change.

The core of the earth stopped: what will happen now?

The researchers agreed that the most relevant change would be in the length of the day, but in fractions of a second. This happens mainly because the Earth would have small variations in the exact time it takes to spin on its axis.

“In recent years, the days are getting shorter, and it may be partly due to the Earth’s core,” Song explained. According to the geologist’s analysis, today’s day is one thousandth of a second shorter than a day in 1970.

This revelation occurred because, in the investigationscientists realized that the different layers of the planet have links to each other. That is, the crust, the mantle and the core are connected and, therefore, if the core undergoes changes, the rest too.

“We hope that our study can motivate some researchers to build and test models that treat the whole Earth as an integrated dynamic system,” Yi Yang and Xiaodong Song said in this paper. new study published in Nature Geoscience that shocked the world.