What are you looking at, silly?: Djokovic imitates Messi in front of Schwartzman

The acting skills of Novak Djokovic They are recognized throughout the world. Even more so because he usually deploys them even in full swing of the games he plays. The Serbian does not usually miss the opportunity to joke and for that purpose the public that attends to witness the skills that make him one of the best tennis players in history has even served him well.

Djokovic has even imitated colleagues in full view and patience of all. Today he changed sports and recreated one of the most iconic situations of the recent World Cup in Qatar: Lionel Messi’s defiant response to Wout Weghorst, after the rough match between Argentina and the Netherlands, for the quarterfinals of the contest. In that clash, whose end was marked by La Pulga’s disputes with the coaching staff headed by Louis van Gaal, and while answering journalistic questions, the former Barcelona player faced the Besiktas player. “I respect him a lot. It is one of the best ever. After the game I wanted to show Leo my respect for him, but it wasn’t very clear.”, Weghorst sentenced regarding his failed attempt to sign peace. In the end, he was left with a consolation. “At least now my name has been learned”, he later assessed.

Nole waited for the passing of the Argentine Diego Schwartzman to deploy his skills. In perfect Spanish, the Balkan, who occupies the fifth position in the ATP ranking, asks the trans-Andean to follow his path. “What are you looking at, fool? Go over there. go over there“, He tells. Peque she laughs heartily.

The phrase became a cult object and certainly a business opportunity. In the world, which includes Chile, millions of entrepreneurs generated items, especially clothinginspired by the speech by La Pulga, which took place in the framework of a dialogue with a journalist from the TyC Sports chain.