“What are you looking at, fool?”: Messi takes out his claws in the middle of an interview after Argentina’s triumph

The personality of Lionel Messi is often in question. Most of the time, he is criticized for his lack of character, one of the few elements that can be judged, considering that his football conditions are unquestionable. In the match against the Netherlands, he once again showed this, providing a magnificent assist and classily defining the penalties that he had to execute in regulation time and in the definition after the tie. share the hero label with Emiliano Martínez.

After the victory over Louis van Gaal’s team, in any case, the PSG star showed precisely the opposite of what his detractors are discussing. He was in a post-match interview with the Argentine channel TyC when he confronted a stranger. “What are you looking at silly?”, he says twice. “Go there, fool”, he is heard saying. Later, she resumes the conversation with the journalist with whom she was speaking.

It was not clear who Messi faced. The truth is that he could perfectly well have been a rival or a member of the Netherlands delegation. The theory arises for a logical reason: the confrontation between the two teams was especially tense. There were big chests and blows and even, after the victory in the definition from 12 steps, it is clearly observed that several players, including Nicolás Otamendi, shout victory in the faces of the dejected European players.

In any case, in the same image it can be seen that, later, Messi recovers his calm and focuses on the interview he was giving. His interlocutor, in fact, asks for restraint. “Easy, Leo“, He tells.

The concrete thing is that those who scold him for his apparent coldness today were denied in full view and with the patience of the whole world. In fact, there was another recipient of the striker’s wrath: none other than coach Louis Van Gaal, a declared anti-Argentine.

The strategist had warmed up the match, assuring that he had the formula to neutralize Messi and his teammates, a position that, in light of the development of the match, acquires some validity. However, the star must not have caused any grace. In fact, a television image shows him virtually face to face with the DT, who looks at him impassively. The intervention of Edgar Davids is also observed to prevent the dispute from escalating.