What are the seven perfect movies according to Quentin Tarantino?

Quentin Tarantino is in full promotion. These days, the famous director publicizes his new publication, Cinema Speculationa work that fuses film criticism with a journey through the history of the seventh art itself.

Tarantino’s book cover. (Harper via AP)

But obviously it does not stop there: the text also illuminates some personal considerations of the filmmaker. For example, the Hollywood films that he considers “perfect”: not only his favourites, but also those he considers to be at the height of the best that American cinema has dispatched.

On that podium, the first place, in his opinion, goes to The Texas Chainsaw Massacrethe most perfect movie that Hollywood has made, according to what he himself points out.

In the context of the launch of the book, the 59-year-old filmmaker was also a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live program and there the host asked him to extend his list of films that he considers unbeatable. “Look, when you say perfect movies, you’re talking about an individual person’s aesthetic while trying to speak for all tastes…perfect movies kind of cut across all tastes from one side to the other,” Tarantino explained.

Subsequently, the man pulp fiction unfolded the other six films that, along with Tobe Hooper’s film, would complete the list of the seven most perfect in Hollywood. Thus, he included the safety pin Sharkby Steven Spielberg, which he has also put on his list of favorite films of all time on other occasions.

then added The Exorcistfrom 1973, a true milestone in the way horror movies were approached in those days, becoming the first of its kind to reach an Oscar nomination.

The Exorcist

Already in other genres, Tarantino made room for Annie Hall (1977), by Woody Allen, one of the most applauded films of the latter, winner of the Oscar for Best Picture the following year.

In addition, he included in his list young frankenstein (1974), directed by and starring Mel Brooks and converted over the years into a cult film. Finally, the installment that closes the list of the most perfect in Hollywood is Return to the futurefrom 1985, that time travel story that made Michael J. Fox famous.

As a bonus track, he added the 1969 film The WildBunch.