What are the most sought-after professions by companies in 2023?

Margaux Fodéré, edited by Alexandre Dalifard
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09:08, January 18, 2023

This Tuesday, the Linkedin platform unveils its ranking of growing professions in France. Energy broker, sustainable development consultant or cybersecurity specialist… These new professions are increasingly sought after by companies, driven by current events in energy and cybersecurity.

What are the jobs most in demand by companies in 2023? Exclusively for Europe 1, Linkedin unveils this morning its ranking of growing professions in France, those that companies seek to recruit at all costs. It includes commercial functions and digital professions, which have been in vogue for several years now. But also newer professions, pushed by the current context, in energy and cybersecurity.

Energy broker and cybersecurity specialist

In fifth place in the ranking, energy broker has become one of the most sought-after professions by companies. He is closely followed by consultant in sustainable development, in ninth place, but also specialist in cybersecurity, in twelfth. These three professions have become essential in recent months to deal with crises of a new kind, explains Sandrine Chauvin, director of the international editorial staff of Linkedin: “These are professions linked to the energy crisis, then cybersecurity. Hospitals have had their IT systems regularly hacked, and therefore all companies invest in this type of profile to secure their infrastructures.

Entire sectors

And entire sectors could develop around these missions which will mobilize several people in the company. “A CSR manager obviously has a team. This is also true in cybersecurity: it is not a person who takes care of cybersecurity. This means that there is also a whole panoply of engineering skills for cybersecurity which will be highly sought after by companies”, notes Sandrine Chauvin.

It remains to be seen whether they will be able to recruit: today on Linkedin, only two candidates on average show up for each job offer, compared to eight before the Covid.