“What a pity that because of the ego of a man …”: Daniel Fuenzalida’s release after meeting with the Me Late team

The abrupt end of I beat continues to be talked about, after they confirmed the projects that will replace Daniel Fuenzalida’s program on TV +.

In spite of everything, the expanelistas of the show business space of the channel have shed light on the future of the program. After a meeting with the former team of I beatpointed out that “little things are coming” and “see you soon”.

After this, the journalist Sergio Rojas shared a postcard with all the members of the project that unleashed a harsh release from Daniel Fuenzalida.

“There are times when only magic is generated and this is one of those mythical cases!!! I never imagined that Me Late would become more than a brand in a spirit!!!!! A thousand thanks to the people, their affection… it really is a phenomenon that I had never experienced in my entire professional life!!! Just thank you and keep creating!!!!! Life is uphill but the view is great. See you yesterday, today and always, ”she wrote on the Rojas postcard.

In the comments, the former host of the program left a comment in which he harshly criticized the executives of his former channel along with a warning.

“I think the same…”, wrote the radio host in a first comment.

Along the same lines, he added: “What a pity that due to the ego of a man that I will have the minute to speak, they have turned off all this magic. But not even with the amount of millions that have been spent on new hires will they have this mystique and chemistry that only I beat achievement”.

After weeks of speculation, it was confirmed that Raquel Argandoña and José Miguel Viñuela will arrive at the channel’s prime time slot. While Francisco Kamiski, Andrés Baile, Nataly Chile and Titi García-Huidobro will stay in the space left by Me Late in the afternoon.

Check Daniel Fuenzalida’s release below: