Website ranks Elden Ring as one of the most completed and most abandoned games of 2022

Elden Ring was undoubtedly one of the games that dominated 2022 and now according to recent information the game was the most completed so far this year despite its high difficulty, while also being the most abandoned by players.

The information comes from, who point out that FromSoftware’s game was the most completed title, with nearly 6,000 users reporting on the site having finished it. The list of the most completed games is followed by Stray, which reached almost 4,000 users, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus, with 2,500 users.

The figure is quite striking, if you take into account the high difficulty of the game, and that the game that follows it is much friendlier and shorter than the open world title developed by the creators of Dark Souls.

On the other hand, in the case of the most abandoned game, Elden Ring, also led the site’s poll with 261 votes, being followed by Tunic with 114 and Pokémon Legends: arceus.

It is worth mentioning that this figure, given the low size of the sample and that it depends entirely on the users who enter the site, cannot be taken as a certainty, but it does serve to give a glimpse of what the game generated throughout the year in certain communities.