We show you prototype gameplay of Super Smash Bros. 64, it was totally different

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the original Super Smash Bros. and the leader of the titles that came after, shared some never-before-seen images of the game’s initial prototype.

This week in the latest episode of his YouTube series, he shared a rare look at the making of Super Smash Bros.

This consisted not only of gameplay showing cutscenes reminiscent of the Super Smash Bros. model, but also some interesting insights into the planning that went into the game, as well as the occasional roadblocks it encountered.

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The full video is worth watching for those big into Smash Bros. games who want to see more of his story, but if you want to jump right into the gameplay, you can skip to the 1:17 mark where Sakurai introduces “Dragon King:” The fighting game.”

This was the working title of the original Super Smash Bros. game before Nintendo characters were brought into the formula.

It features simple, colorful models for the fighters, as well as a stage that reflects the Battlefield design that became so popular in Smash Bros.

The importance of Super Smash Bros.

Some of Sakurai’s comments shared in the video have already been said by the developer elsewhere, but at only about 8 and a half minutes, he provided a concise history of the franchise.

He said that it had previously been accurately described as an “antithesis” to traditional fighting games in that it didn’t rely on health bars or require players to remember long combos to be successful.

He also noted that these combos often created barriers to entry for players who didn’t know the movesets, but by simplifying the system in Super Smash Bros., players could get in and get started much more easily than anywhere else.

Later in the video he mentions that once the game was about to end, opinions about it were mixed.

The developers liked the idea of ​​borrowing Nintendo characters and putting them all into one fighting game, but the sales team and others who hadn’t played the game yet weren’t thrilled with the idea of ​​familiar characters from Nintendo will fight each other.

However, they did eventually finish one, which is fun to think about now given how successful the series has been.

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