We only have the memes left with the report on a remastering of Horizon Zero Dawn

Definitely at Sony they are fully involved in the business of rehashes, specifying new versions with contemporary graphics of relatively recent successes of the Playstation, as happened with The Last of Usor remasters in the style of what was done with Spider-Man.

It is a dynamic that will continue to happen with several more popular video games and a recent report indicated that among those will be Horizon Zero Dawn.

But as is often the case, the criticism of the players multiplied, making it clear that there is also a sense of unnecessary rehashing for video game revivals that are not even 10 years old and whose original versions are still in wide circulation. Too bad, in the case of Horizon Zero Dawnthe Playstation 4 version can be played without problems on the new Sony console.

In this scenario, there are those who used classic memes to define the way Sony’s business is advancing and the “bad treatment” that video games like Bloodborne receive or elevate remakes over new brands.

For now there are no official details, but in the last few hours it has been pointed out that it is not a The Last of Us-style remake, but rather a remastering.