“We need this in La Roja”: He is 17 years old, he will play for UC and they are already comparing him to Messi

“This is a crack.” This is how they have reacted on social networks to a video that shows some of the plays that a young 17-year-old footballer who at the Catholic University wants to promote next season wore this year.

This is Vicente Cárcamo, who established himself as one of the figures of the UC Under-17 during the 2022 season and who was selected by the adult team coach, Ariel Holan, along with five other youth players for the 2023 preseason.

A video broadcast by journalist Gonzalo Benjamin on Twitter shows “phenomenal” plays by Cárcamo, which have generated multiple reactions. “He is only 17 years old, class of 2005. He has tremendous potential. To follow him closely,” the communicator wrote.

“I get excited easily”

Cárcamo’s record has surprised Twitter, where there was no lack of comparison with some viralized plays by Lionel Messi and others already see him playing for the Chilean National Team. Some ask that hopefully he doesn’t go on loan and end up playing in other countries.

“Tremendous left foot and dribbling. Hopefully it will be a real project for selection. We need this”, posted an excited.

“Have they already baptized him as the crossed Messi? Hopefully No, please, don’t muff him, let him grow for his, “wrote another user of the social network.

“He plays too well, so it is certain that he will go on loan and not return,” estimated a more distrustful tweeter.