“We had a good fight for a few years…”: Diana Bolocco opened up about the healthy relationship she has with her ex-husband

Diana Bolocco opened a question box through her Instagram stories, interacting with her followers as she went on a trip to the south with her family.

The cheerleader received several curious questions from her followers, particularly about her love relationships.

CHV’s face answered yes he had an open relationship with Cristián Sáncheznoting that “I have an exclusive relationship, as far as I know.”

For his part, the driver responded with a laugh that “me with her… enough, that’s it.”

“It can”

Another follower then asked him about the relationship that Diana and Cristián have with the cheerleader’s ex-partner.

“How did you do it to have such a healthy relationship between Cristian (Sánchez) and the father of your older children?” Was the question that came to the journalist.

Diana opened up and revealed that “it was a process, it wasn’t overnight.”

“We had a good fight for a few years, but then the rapprochement began and I think we all did our part: my ex and his wife; and Cristian and I, ”she continued.

Along the same lines, he added: “The key is that someone stops making war and the doors open miraculously.”

“Trust me. It’s just will. And swallow the grudge a little. Luck. You can,” Diana said.