“We could never understand each other”: TV+ clarified the abrupt end of Me Late and More Vivi than Never

2022 was a complex year for the TV+ channel after the controversial and abrupt end of the program beats me Y I late primewhich generated a wave of criticism from viewers and the harsh defenses of Daniel Fuenzalida himself against the channel’s executives.

At the end of the show business program, the release of Vivi Kreuztberger and her space was also added at the end of the year More alive than everwhich also puzzled the followers of Don Francisco’s daughter.

After all the controversies, the executive president of TV+, Juan Diego Garretón, spoke with The Mercury regarding the programs that have ended and what is coming to the future for the channel.

“We are not going to respond to criticism, because we have a work plan drawn up for months, and which also included a technological and image change that has been seen on the screen,” Garretón explained at the outset.

He also assured that “the beats me He responded to the fact that they had wanted to change the prime for a while, especially to differentiate the afternoon program from the night program, and with Daniel (Fuenzalida) we could never understand each other”.

While the Vivi Kreutzberger program, the president of the channel pointed out that “it completed a cycle. In fact, Vivi was going to last a year and it was extended for a year and a half.

“Focus on entertainment”

The president pointed out in the conversation that what they were looking for this year was to promote the two programs that premiered, As it is Y Follow me and I follow you.

“We continue working along the same lines, but the idea is to grow towards a more robust programming, with more stardom and that focuses on entertainment,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that “what we wanted was to put on long pants at that time with talk shows and a little more sophisticated, which As it is is achieving”.

Finally, Garretón advanced some news for these two programs this summer.

“Our mission is basically to accompany and, for the same reason, we have already defined that this year we are going to Viña del Mar with As it is Y Follow me and I follow youto give more contingency and entertainment to live, “he said.