“We are nothing to do”: Pancha Merino recalled his romance and break with Luciano Cruz-Coke

The Tal Cual panelist, Pancha Merino, surprised after recalling on the TV+ show her relationship with the actor and politician, Luciano Cruz-Coke.

Through a conversation with Raquel Argandoña and José Miguel Viñuela, the actress recalled a visit she made to Torres del Paine when she was 23 years old, together with the host of the show who opened her eyes to her relationship with the actor.

“I was with Luciano Cruz-Coke, we weren’t doing well anymore and Raquel told me ‘be careful, she’s flirting with him’ and I said ‘But that one? It’s horrible, it’s a mastodon’. She tells me ‘don’t worry, because he has a last name and they like the ones with a last name,’ she said on the show.

“I told him ‘you think he’s going to beat me’ and he says ‘no, no, no, watch out’. I didn’t fish and I went with Raquel following her and he wanted to go trekking. There was the other running, I saw him through the window but I thought again that she was not even close to my heels, “said Merino.

“He did me a super favour”

“The lady was absolutely right, but she did me a super favor. He stayed with her, how good and happy, they have a nice family,” reflected the actress, referring to the senator’s current relationship. “Is she his current wife?” Viñuela consulted in amazement while the actress nodded her head.

“Imagine his political career with me, he would have muddied it for a while. We are nothing to do, besides that we have different political ideology, of thought, of everything, “added Merino with a laugh, highlighting how good that romance left him.

“Deep down, he ordered me fed up at one time in my life and also this reel thing calmed me down, to go out because with all the job training one has, I had a pile of scripts to read to you (… .) He was a super pololo, a good person, I felt well contained at that time with him, but like everything, he enters into monotony, “he added, surprising with his sayings.

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