Wanderers comes into conflict with its great jewel: Chilean football observes

Matías Plaza has become the great hope of the Santiago Wanderers academy. In the midst of an irregular season, the young man burst into the team with force and became the great surprise of the caturros during the rebound observed in the second round.

However, as happened with Daniel González, the Fifth Region team could enjoy it for a short time. In the words of the player, he could go free at the end of this season.

“I want to make it very clear and so that there is no misunderstanding with the people of Wanderers, my contract ends at the end of 2022. There is no contract signed for 2023″.

The position of the club is different. They ensure that Plaza’s contract is extended for a predetermined number of games played, a figure that would have already been met during the current campaign.

“With absolute transparency on my part, I must say that the leadership of Wanderers did approach to express interest in renewing my contract, which they sent me a proposal and I mine”

Plaza, yes, ensures that “I want to continue in the club of my loves, but deserving what I have earned on the field. At the moment these negotiations have not reached the point of agreement.

CAs is logical, the situation of the talented midfielder is closely watched by the most powerful clubs in Chilean soccer, who could benefit from one of the best players in Ascent at zero cost.