vivo premieres short film recorded entirely with an X80 Pro cell phone

Powerful vivo imaging system co-designed with ZEISS made it easy to shoot on the move and in low light

The technological manufacturer vivo is characterized by investing its efforts in improving the quality of its smartphones and that includes offering high quality in the cameras of its equipment. The goal is that any user can access film images in their videos and photos, just by clicking on their phone.

As proof of this, the company closed an alliance with the Mexican photographer Carlos Lang, to shoot his first short film exclusively using the vivo X80 Pro model, the most recent model of the X Series. The result was “La Cita”, which deals with the obstacles that a motorcyclist encounters on his way, and how he transforms them into opportunities to achieve a goal.

Taking advantage of the phone’s cinematic capabilities, Lang captured moving scenes from a car, the cool textures and colors of vegetation in the early morning hours, and the contrast of sunlight breaking through tree branches. The project, from the pre-production stage to post-production, took approximately 4 weeks.

“vivo X80 Pro is an example of how photography and video technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years, thanks to the work of companies like vivo. With a very light and slim rig you can travel freely and create cinema-quality works of art, play with light and get a high level of detail even in low light conditions,” explains Lang.

twilight adventure

During “La Cita”, the mysterious protagonist of the short film travels on the highway, hours before dawn. Shooting in the dark, indoors and in the woods, were made possible by the X80 Pro’s Real-Time Extreme Night Vision and Super Night Video functions, which use the powerful capabilities of the V1+ chip and the brand’s advanced night algorithm to capture sharp and clear scenes. To recognize the light conditions in front of the lens, vivo X80 Pro’s Artificial Intelligence automatically adapts the scene, activating vivo’s Super Night Video algorithm and thus facilitating the work of creatives.

flawless action

A lover of travel and adrenaline, Carlos Lang included motorcycle scenes in the project that put the phone’s image stabilization systems to the test. X80 Pro integrates an Active Center Optical Stabilization System and 360º Horizon Leveling Stabilization, which enables the lens to actively return to the center position at a speed of 25ms, creating a larger image stabilization angle. As a result, X80 Pro captures high-quality video in scenes with more intense movements, such as a motorcycle ride at full speed.

Natural and realistic colors

The color of dry leaves on the ground, moss on trees, and other stunning natural scenes were captured with unrivaled authenticity thanks to vivo and ZEISS working together. For 3 years, both companies adjusted the P3 color gamut with the goal of achieving color richness in every scene. With vivo X80 Pro’s ZEISS Natural Color, the accuracy of ΔE, a measurement used to determine the color accuracy of a display or monitor, has been reduced by approximately 22%, an industry-leading standard that reflects captured tones. by the human eye.

“When creating a film project, it is important to have a wide range of tools that allow you to express ideas and abstract concepts more creatively, take advantage of colors, light, shadows and movement to denote a feeling, or resort to movement for a action scene, without losing sharpness in the image. After this experience, I found an impressive ally in the vivo smartphone, which feeds the available options to create works of art, with greater portability, without sacrificing image quality”, Lang highlights.

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