Vincent Pizarro | The white man who was consecrated before the UC: he was the most applauded

Despite not obtaining victory in the Classic, the eleventh Colo Colo exhibited several individualities at a high level. Falcon, Cortes and Lucero were some of the soccer players who ratified their good general performance during the season before UC, however, the one who shone above all was Vincent Pizarro.

The 19-year-old midfielder experienced a resurgence in the last period: found an option in the starting team after the rupture of the quadriceps tendon that Cesar Fuentes suffered against Inter de Porto Alegre more than two months ago. The absence of “Corralero” created a problem for Gustavo Quinteros, who initially opted for other players over Pizarro. He preferred, for example, the inclusion of Oroz from the beginning.

But the situation changed in the Copa Chile Round of 16 tie against Ñublense. Since that duel played in Chillán, ‘Vicho’ never let go of the starting shirt again. And yesterday, in his sixth consecutive duel from minute one, he lived his consecration moment. The young midfielder responded to the confidence of the DT, who despite now having Fuentes, preferred to give him continuity.

At the Monumental stadium, the public applauded Pizarro’s dedication, already known for his excellent control of the ball, but who improved notably in his defensive facet. When required, he was not afraid to go to the clash with an attacker like Fernando Zampedri or with midfielders of greater physical magnitude, like Luciano Aued. The game in midfield was very strong leg and one of the hardest hit was, precisely, the white youth squad.

“You get used to this a while ago. You don’t have to suffer on the pitch.”said his father, Jaime Pizarro, about the infractions received by Vicente. The young man seemed to understand it that way and he came out in the second half with the same impetus. In what is his greatest virtue, he was not out of tune either: he completed 87% of the passes delivered and hit 3 of 5 long balls. At 88 ‘he was replaced by Alexander Oroz and the 40 thousand fans applauded him. He responded to the applause. His projection and good performance is celebrated not only by the ‘Cacique’, but by all of Chilean football.