Vincent Pizarro | “It is not common”: this is how the character of the great Colo Colo project was forged

A video of Vicente Pizarro, when he was 12 years old, went viral in the last hours. In a few minutes, the image already has more than 25 thousand reproductions: “Having a teacher (Rodolfo Madrid) who has played before is good. He gives us the advice that one needs to become like him”, said the little footballer with the respect that characterizes him. The current DT of Rodelindo Román remembers that moment.

“It was nice because I was going back to the place where I started and I found myself with one of the best generations the club has had in recent years. Vicente (Pizarro) was the captain of the series. He was a boy who, without exaggeration, was exemplary in every way: he was educated, intelligent and when it came to the game, he was very practical. His simplicity is not common, it is not easy to find it, ”says Madrid in dialogue with AS.

Little by little, Pizarro has earned a place in Gustavo Quinteros’ team. In the classic against Universidad Católica he was a figure: achieved effectiveness in different facets of the game and was applauded by the public of the Monumental. “When I arrived, he was already captain. They were competitive and united”, relives Madrid.

– Did Pizarro’s maturity surprise you?

– Maturity is the right word. Yes, I was surprised because he was professional and he was very small. He always performed well. Sometimes we rotated and he had to be outside, but he never had a problem.

– That surely served him for today. She has also waited for her chance…

– He is clear that this is teamwork. Some players have a hard time being outside and he is patient. He is opening a space for himself and it is nice to see that he can play and perform at the level of those who have been professional for many years. He is a foolproof boy and today he is proving it.

– How specifically did you convey that maturity?

– Vicente was not very talkative, but he was very receptive and reliable. He showed in his level of commitment and his respect for his teammates was impressive. They all loved him very much. He always tried his best and that has had the consequences that he expected. He has order and discipline, and that will make him achieve his goals. Surely, in the short term, he will give Colo Colo a lot.

– How important is the father, Jaime Pizarro, in Vicente’s character?

-There is an important genetic component because Jaime was also very disciplined. Without a doubt, that formation comes from the house. The father’s support was always present. He always goes to see him at the games, to this day. He surely feels a lot of pride because his son is playing in his love club. Hopefully this continues because Vicente could be part of the National Team.

– How do you feel when you see that video?

– It’s nice because you try to transfer the experiences you lived. In our culture, one matures much later than our neighbors. All this happens very quickly and you have to be prepared as soon as possible. In Colo Colo there is no time, you have to take advantage of the opportunity because sometimes it is one. There are players who go out on loan and never come back. I took care to leave them that message.