Vince McMahon is sued after his controversial return to WWE

The return of Vince McMahon to the presidency of WWE continues to cause important changes and generate a multitude of reactions. His hasty and surprising return has been highly criticized by fans, but also by a part of the company’s staff, who have found themselves unable to avoid McMahon’s will.

The way in which Vince exercised his power to return to the company has sparked the ire of one of its shareholders, who has launched a class action lawsuit against the chairman in the state of Delaware, accusing him of illegally using his majority voting control to remove three council members and replace them with people loyal to him and push for changes that would “impose their will on the council and WWE”.

It should be remembered that McMahon cashed in his control over 81% of voting shares to force his return to WWE after the council rejected his first request to return to the company in order to be present in the upcoming negotiations for television rights. This shareholder has sued McMahon in the Delaware Chancery Court because his actions violate state law.

According to court documents obtained by Bloomberg Law, Scott A Fellowsa WWE shareholder accuses McMahon of ousting three board members to get himself, George Barrios and Michelle Wilson back on the board, making bylaw changes that would “impose their will on the board and on WWE.” The fact that he replaced other members and threatened to block a major television deal is the basis of the lawsuit..

The article states the following: “According to the proposed class action lawsuit, McMahon timed his return to gain control of upcoming negotiations over the company’s expiring media rights, the “lifeblood” of the business, and forced his return by threatening not to support any agreement reached without his participation. But the move to “take complete personal control over any major company decision” by “adding his cronies to the board” violates Delaware law,” the lawsuit states.

Fellows requests the invalidation of the statutory changes and that their legal expenses be covered. So far, neither the spokesperson for Vince McMahon nor WWE have made statements or comments on the matter. In the meantime, one wonders if the lawsuit will achieve its goal or come to naught. Presumably, McMahon must have known his legal rights as the company’s majority shareholder when he decided to use this controversial method to return to it.

On the other hand, as it is a class action, it could lead to a judgment declaring that the chairman breached his fiduciary duty, which could ultimately lead to his removal as Chairman of the WWE Council. Regardless of what ends up happening, the lawsuit against Vince only makes clear the gigantic repercussions that his return continues to cause at all levels.

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