Video games: earnings in digital format considerably exceeded those in physical format in 2022

The digital format is an element that is growing year by year in the video game industry, and it is that after the impulse that the pandemic meant, this area has not stopped growing. This is how now a recent report shows that digital revenues vastly exceeded those of physical video games during 2022.

The information comes from GameIndustrywho made a recount of the year, where they announced that the profits from digital games they were 173.8 billion dollars, compared to the 10.7 billion dollars that video games collected in physical format.

With this is that the profits in digital they are equivalent to 94.2% of the total, compared to 5.8% in the physical format.

It is worth mentioning that the total number of profits it involves those generated by console games (28%), mobile games (50%), PC games (21%) and browser games (1%).

According to what they disclose, andThis supremacy of the digital over the physical occurs on both PC and consolessince in the case of the first digital gains are equivalent to 98%, while in the console market the comparison is 72% digital and 28% physical format.

It should be mentioned that this difference between both formats has increased over the years, taking a gigantic leap due to the pandemic.

Regarding what will happen, it seems unlikely that the physical format will die completely, but it is certainly expected that the digital format will continue to gain ground and grow year after year.