Video game news Sony would be saving the best games for its PS5

sony will save the best games for PS5

New episode of the soap opera Activision Blizzard. Apparently, Microsoft has revealed that Sony is simply preventing great games from releasing on Xbox. Four titles have been named, all of them potential best sellers.

Sony vs. Microsoft: the case of Activision Blizzard

If you’re interested in the gaming industry in particular or the world of technology in general, you’ve probably heard of the The historic acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoftannounced earlier this year. An acquisition that is far from materializing, but that is at the center of today. The reason is that Microsoft is doing everything possible to defend the acquisition before the main regulatory bodies in the world, while Sony tries to block it. Sony claims the acquisition could jeopardize the launch of call of duty on Playstation. This is a huge loss of revenue for the Japanese company, which is why it strongly contests this acquisition.

The two giants are now waging a merciless war to convince the competent authorities. At the moment, there is a vague impression that Microsoft is losing ground. Bill Gates’ company is doing everything possible so that the acquisition is validated with studies, statistics and reports, each one more complete than the last. At the center of the debate is obviously the issue of exclusivity, which poses a problem for regulatory authorities. To defend itself, Microsoft has presented a strong argument in its latest report to the CMA, the British commission.

Sony would block Microsoft

The information comes from the report submitted by Microsoft to the GCA last October. According to Microsoft, Sony has reached agreements with various third-party studios to exclude Xbox consoles and effectively make them exclusive to PS4/PS5 consoles. The giant cites four games in particular as possible big hits.

In addition to having full exclusives, Sony has also entered into agreements with third-party publishers to exclude Xbox from the platforms on which such publishers can distribute their games. Some important examples are Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix), Bloodborne (From Software), the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix) and the recently announced Silent Hill 2 remastered (Bloober team).

We now understand why Final Fantasy VII Remake was never released on Xbox, despite initially being announced for Microsoft’s console. Also, we learned that the Xbox versions of blood transmission, final fantasy 16 Y Silent Hill 2 will probably never see the light of day.