Video Game News Are Nintendo and Valve Invading the War Between Xbox and PlayStation?

Is it so Nintendo and Valve invading the war Xbox/PlayStation?

On the menu of the day for this December 8, we begin with the unexpected alliance between Xbox and Nintendo. We then move on to the Game Awards and end with some sad news for fans of the Snyderverse. The Daily, here we come.

Nintendo keeps Call of Duty on its consoles

Xbox, Activision, PlayStation and controversy. Only with these 4 key words, you already know that we are going to evoke you The tumultuous acquisition of Activision Blizzard King by Microsoft. Unless in the coming weeks (months?) we can add more names to this list. Indeed, Nintendo and Valve join the race. So Microsoft offers a deal that promises Call of Duty’s presence on these competitors’ machines and markets. The objective is to demonstrate that the Redmond firm is willing to negotiate with its competitors, when sony do not respond to their proposals related to Activision’s FPS. Additionally, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently stated that the Japanese company was “getting over the current situation.”longer than Microsoft with regulators.«

The Game Awards 2022 are (almost) here!

Early this Friday, December 9, the industry will vibrate with excitement. The Game Awards 2022 ceremony will deliver its verdict. We will be able to know which game will be this year’s GOTY, for example. But the other great novelty will be the numerous advertisements during the show. So, nothing is ever 100% certain, but we should receive information about Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Horizon: Forbidden West, Tekken 8, Diablo IV, etc. In short, it is going to be a great party and many new things will come to light. Unpublished titles could even be revealed. In this case, we are waiting for the next Hideo Kojima game, for example.

The DC Cinematic Universe turns the tables

Since October 26 we know that James Gunn and Peter Safran are taking over the DC filmography. Its objective? Launching a cinematic universe that adapts the superheroes of the DC universe, while avoiding the mistakes that plagued the DCEU. In the coming weeks the direction of the new feature films will be set. But before that happens, some rumors appear here and there. So Wonder Woman 3 would simply be canceled and Henry Cavill’s return as Superman would be jeopardized. At the same time, Jason Momoa would no longer be Aquaman but Lobo, a bounty hunter who would become one of the new muses of the franchise.

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