[VIDEO] Check Felipe Avello’s routine in Telethon 2022

The comedian closed the first block of the television broadcast with a mischievous routine and winked at urban music.

Philip Avello was one of the last confirmed comedians to participate in the Telethon 2022. In fact, his routine was set to close the first block at the theater and it was.

Minutes before 2 in the morning, the comedian came on stage to the rhythm of Bad BunnyIn fact, he took advantage of the song and the scenery with palm trees to joke about the Puerto Rican concerts in our country.

Also, thanks to his clothing, which consisted of white pants with a bright red jacket, he made some jokes with Dua Lipa.

Agency One – Pailita and Polimá at the 2022 Telethon

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But the jokes that caused the most laughter were related to the urban artists of our country: Pailita and Marcianeke.

Finally, he told a story related to a routine he had to do in a mining companyto later joke with a call he made Don Francisco to participate in this solidarity crusade.

Check out Felipe Avello’s complete routine at Telethon 2022 below.

With jokes to Marcianeke and Pailita: check Felipe Avello’s routine in the 2022 Telethon