“Vidal would have made Boca de la Libertadores champion; to the place he went, he triumphed”

Martín Di Nenno will be one of the great stars that will visit Chile next December. Beside Fernando Belasteguín, Francisco ‘Paco’ Navarro, Pablo Lima, Juan Tello, Federico Chingotto and the national Javier Valdéswill be part of the exponents of the world padel that will participate in the Pala Tour Fest to be held at the Vitacura Bicentennial Park on December 20 and 21. But the Argentine does not only live for his discipline. The number five of the World Pádel Tour is a fan of football and a particular team.

I am a big fan of Boca. I’m always watching the games at dawn by Spanish time. When Boca plays the Copa Libertadores, it’s always at one or two in the morning. I’ve missed some training (laughs), I’ve lost forgiveness for doing it (laughs), because I end up going to bed too late to get up at seven or eight in the morning. Luckily, my coach and everyone knows that I do a lot of crazy things for Boca”, he says. Di Nenno in a chat with AS.

– On his Instagram profile he has the phrase ‘De Boca. To the Mouth’. How would she explain it?

– (Laughs) I always say that you have to take a break and then, like a football fan, hang from the crossbar and hold on (laughs). It’s a bit of Boca’s motto: always suffer, win for the least and so I identify with that phrase.

– A tie break that would come to be if we take it to the Boca World?

– Penalty shootout suffered, from the time of (Carlos) Bianchi (laughs).

– I ask about Gary Medel. What memories do you have of his time in Boca?

– The ‘Pitbull’? An animal! At one point it rang, I don’t remember in which market, but in the end it didn’t happen. It would have been nice if he came back. My best memory of him is the Superclásico against River, when he scored both goals. And on top of that, he was expelled for fighting with (Marcelo) Gallardo. He did everything well (laughs).

– And Arturo Vidal? Would you have liked him to come to the club? He was linked with the club in the last transfer market…

– And the ‘King’… would have been the icing on the cake for this Libertadores. Everywhere he goes he has hits. If he had come to Boca, I think he would have done what he did with Flamengo. He would have made us champion for sure because every place he went, he always triumphed. I hope you want to come in the next few years. I don’t know how old he is, I know he’s big, but I think a little chapter in Boca would do him good (laughs).