Vampire Survivors under $50 MXN with Xbox Game Pass

Last October 20 we saw the official launch of vampire survivors on Steam, this after almost a year of having started its early access and since then it has been considered one of the most addictive games of 2022. This week Vampire Survivors came to Xbox and we can buy it at a super price thanks to Xbox GamePass.

Vampire Survivors arrived at the Microsoft store this Thursday, November 10, and since then we can buy it for $59 MXN to play it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. In addition, Vampire Survivors arrived on Xbox Game Pass that same day and subscribers can purchase it for only $47.20 MXN.

Among the benefits of Xbox Game Pass are the exclusive discounts in the Microsoft store, and in the case of Vampire Survivors it offers us a 20% discount. This makes the Microsoft Store the cheapest option to buy Vampire Survivors, especially considering that it includes the game on PC and Xbox consoles with cross-progression.

If you only play on PC and you are not interested in the console version, you can also buy Vampire Survivors on Steam, where it is priced at $59 MXN in its standard version and $79.90 MXN along with its Soundtrack, which includes 28 musical themes and 8 ditties from effects for a total of 36 files. That’s not all, because two other songs and Lossless versions of each will soon arrive.

Vampire Survivors is a game indie very simple and addictive that can consume several hours of your life if you get absorbed by its gameplay, and has even received high praise from Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming. Vampire Survivors is currently only available on Steam and the Microsoft Store, so it remains a temporary exclusive for Xbox and PC consoles.

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