Valorant: Meet Harbor, the new agent

After weeks of rumours, riot has finally unveiled Harbor who will be the game’s 21st agent and will come from India with unique abilities.

The content in Valorant does not stop and although we recently received a new patch with a couple of adjustments, the next update will bring a great novelty. Riot Games introduced Harbor, the new agent coming to the game, possibly in Episode 5: Act 3.

After weeks of rumors and leaks, we finally know what the new agent coming to the game looks like. A couple of days ago, the developer published the name and an image that gave clues about the abilities that this character would have.

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RiotGames presented the trailer official of Harbor, Valorant’s 21st agent. This will be a new controller, from India and what is shown on video, he has a stolen bracelet that allows him to dominate the oceans, confirming the leaks, which indicated that his skills would be focused on managing water.

Initially, the first official image showed a wall of water and a bubble. Now, thanks to the video, we know that these elements generated by his gloves will serve to defend himself and his teammates from the attacks of the rivals.

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