Valentine Coria | The Argentine-Chilean who shone in San Marcos: “Gustavo Canales changed my life”

With 20 years, Valentín Coria became one of the important actors in San Marcos de Arica’s promotion to Primera B. The Argentine-Chilean was on loan to the northern group because he wanted to add the filming that he was not going to have in La Serena Sports. Balance? It was more than positive.

“I think it is a very big thing that we achieved. At times we do not finish falling. People thank us on the street for what we did. We are enjoying this moment because it does not happen many times in life, ”she says in a chat with AS Chile.

– How would you rate your year in San Marcos de Arica? He was a very important part of the team during the season.

– I have a great affection for Arica, because being a youth, many times you can perform in the minor series, but you don’t know how the player is going to respond at a professional level, especially in the Second Division. It was a very positive year, where I went out to look for minutes from La Serena and the truth is that I took a lot more than what I was looking for: many friends and the promotion.

– Does it have a plus to be champion in the club that has the most trips and wear and tear in the category?

– Yes. I think that in that sense Arica is a little discriminated against because it is really very far away. When we went to Valdivia we did about six thousand kilometers in total and even so, the people accompanied us. It’s a plus and a deserved award for those fans who were always supporting us.

– Would you like to continue in San Marcos?

– For now, I have to show up to train in La Serena by contract. There I will talk everything with the club and my family to make the decision thinking about next year.


Valentín Coria with the ball in a duel in San Marcos de Arica.@valen.coria

The passage from Coria to Chile

Valentin Coria is from Neuquen, Argentina. In the south of Argentina he began his path in soccer and was able to meet Gustavo Canals. Why? Because ‘Valen’ played in Cipoletti de General Roca, same club that the current one passed through DT of Spanish Union. This is how the link was made and the former Hispanic and U scorer offered to bring him to Chile.

“When Gustavo retired, he planned to bring players to Chile. I am lucky that my grandmother is Chilean, so I am nationalized. Gustavo brought me to La Serena in 2019 and that’s where my career started here, ”he recalls.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Coria returned to Neuquén and only in 2021 did he return to the country. “I spent six months in Unión Española. Already in the middle of the year I returned to La Serena where I signed a contract there, ”he says.

– Did Gustavo Canales contact you directly to talk to you about the proposal?

– Of course. Gustavo is a person to whom I am eternally grateful because he changed my life, without a doubt. He has been at all times. He was my partner here in Chile, because my family is in Argentina. He always calls me, to know how I am and I am grateful for all the moments in which he has accompanied me.

– He says it changed his life. Is it because of the fact of opening the doors of the foreign market to him being from the interior of Argentina?

– Of course. Where I am from, there is not a club that is in Primera or Primera B. It was something very good for me, a very important step because I was 17 years old when he brought me. They are decisions that are made to fulfill my dream.

– His life has also changed in recent weeks as coach of Unión Española. Have you seen his games?

– Yes! I am very happy for him. Good things happen to good people and I have no doubt that he will do well in his beloved Unión Española.

– What dreams do you have for your career?

– It would be a dream to reach First Division. The truth is that it takes a lot of work and sacrifice, being constant, having discipline and that comes from working. I know that I have to travel a path for that, but the illusion and the dream is there every day.

Valentín Coria during his visit to Deportes La Serena.


Valentín Coria during his visit to Deportes La Serena.@valen.coria